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Transgender Surgery?

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We’re a New Orleans-based collective of surgeons and health providers founded by Dr. Gerhard Mundinger. We believe that everyone should have access to accurate information and quality options when it comes to transgender medical and surgical care. We advocate for insurance authorization for all transgender procedures.

As it stands, very few doctors in the Gulf Coast region have performed the complex procedures involved in transmasculine and transfeminine bottom surgery, and our local medical community still has a lot to learn. Sharing information and resources on this site, and making ourselves available for expert one-on-one consults for those exploring their options in transgender surgery is our contribution to progress toward access to quality care for all.

To learn more about transgender surgical procedures and what may be best suited to your transition journey, schedule a confidential, in-person consultation with a member of our New Orleans-based surgical team for caring, personal, confidential, and expert guidance on your options and to determine a treatment – or series of treatments – that’s specifically suited to your budget, expectations and needs.

Before Your Consultation


Be ready to discuss your transition process overall, your goals and expectations for surgery, any previous surgeries you’ve had, any existing medical conditions, ongoing treatments, and drug allergies, any medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, and your alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

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